Some thoughts find on Medium about money and life


This post is a collection of quotes or sentences I find interesting or useful.

A big part come from this medium post.


Thoughts about money

The biggest issue people have with money is limiting beliefs.

We all hold beliefs. Beliefs are held because we had experiences in the past that have not been fully lived and integrated, and that still live within our minds, controlling our actions without our conscious awareness.

Since money is such a power symbol for freedom, survival, control, power, legacy, continuation, and survival, it becomes tied up with so many of these early experiences. Our ability to generate, retain, and utilize money is almost completely defined by these unconsciously-driven beliefs.

I highly recommend getting a therapist or coach to work with you on your money-related limiting beliefs.


Thoughts about life

Helping other people

I learned another big lesson from this. I now never help people who don’t ask me for help, and even then I only help them to the extent that they ask. I also look for ways that I can help that don’t compromise my own position, and that require the least outlay of my money, time, and effort.


Confort zone

Often doing the thing that is the most difficult or strange for you can actually be the most transformative.


Pay attention to your approach

When walking into a room, even if alone, make a habit of standing up straight and smiling. The investment will pay off.


Where do you spend your time?

Who we decide to spend our time with is the biggest decision we will ever make, so be ruthless in that decision. One toxic friend can undo the actions of loads of positive ones.


Don’t interrupt people.

It’s none of their business your mind jumps around like a monkey on speed, you’re just being rude.


How communicate?

What gets communicated the best, gets done the best. Think like a philosopher, but speak and write like a truck driver.


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